Research Awards

Jacob Richards (current Nephrology T32 pre-doctoral fellow) and Megan Greenlee (former Nephrology T32 pre-doctoral fellow) both received Young Investigator Awards from the Epithelial Transport Group of the American Physiological Society on April 24, 2012. Mr. Jacobs and Ms. Greenlee (center of photo) were presented with their awards after giving invited oral presentations at the 2012 meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology in San Diego, CA. Pictured (left to right):J. King (Univ. of Pittsburgh), E. Olesen (Aarhus Univ.), D. Collier (Univ. of Iowa), Hans Ussing Award Lecturer T. Jentsch (Leibniz Inst.), J. Richards (Univ. of Florida), M. Greenlee (Emory Univ.), Session chairs R. Worrell (Univ. of Cincinnati), N. Pastor-Soler (Univ. of Pittsburgh), and M. Levi (Univ. of Colorado).