UF Health Research Landscape Videos – Nephrology

In early 2016, the UF College of Medicine created a series of videos showcasing the many aspects of research throughout the UF Health system.

UF College of Medicine – Research: 

From deep brain stimulation and gene therapy to the invention of Gatorade and Trusopt, the UF College of Medicine has attained national leadership for its transformative, cutting-edge research. Among physicians and scientists, our institution is known for fostering a rich, collaborative environment that fuels discovery and encourages creativity. See how our research is changing lives.

As a division within the college of medicine, we wanted to focus on showcasing our research and highlight the hard work that goes into each research project and the people behind it. Currently three videos have been created with plans for future videos to be produced. Stay tuned and check in periodically for additional videos here.


Michelle Gumz, Ph.D. – Circadian Clock Gene

  • Michelle Gumz, PhD, is an associate professor at the University of Florida, College of Medicine within the Division of Nephrology, Hypertension and Renal Transplantation. Dr. Gumz has a long-time interest in the molecular control of renal function and is investigating the role of circadian clock in the kidney. Her laboratory is studying the regulation of sodium transport in the kidney which is critical to the control of blood pressure as well as to overall cardiovascular health.


Changzoon Chun, PhD – Blood Vessel Formation

  • Dr. Changzoon Chun is currently investigating the role that a phosphatase, Dusp-5, and kinase, Snrk-1, play in blood vessel formation.

Jill Verlander, DVM – Investigating Kidney Cell Response to Maintain Acid-base and Electrolyte Balance

  • Dr. Jill Verlander is a scientist who is investigating kidney cell responses to maintain acid-base and electrolyte balance.