Hypertension Speakers

The University of Florida Hypertension Center was created in 1992 by the UFL Board of Regents and Dr Chris Wilcox, then Division Chief of Nephrology at the VAMC, was the first Director. When Dr Wilcox left in 1995 Dr Ian Phillips took over until he left the University of Florida in 2002 and in July 2004 Dr Chris Baylis was recruited as Center Director.

This Center is housed within the Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics. In addition to the Director, Dr Chris Baylis, we have a part time assistant Chelsey Grattan and a full time research technician Bruce Cunningham who runs a rodent telemetry facility located in the ACS facility in the Communicore building which is available to all Hypertension Center members. This has provided a strong focal point for collaborative activities.

The Hypertension Center Seminar series is very successful and is attracting a broad audience from clinical and basic sciences. In addition we have begun videoconferencing the Hypertension Center seminars to the Jacksonville campus. All support for invited speakers is provided by the Hypertension Center.

Visit the Seminar website for news on upcoming speakers.