Patient Information

Three inpatient consult teams serve patients at Shands Hospital and the Gainesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Each team includes an attending physician, a fellow, a first (PGY-2) or second (PGY-3) year medical resident and two to four medical students.The consult service at Shands Hospital maintains a daily census of 20 to 25 patients. The consult team evaluates patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic renal, hypertensive, and electrolyte disorders, performs percutaneous kidney biopsies, and manages patients requiring either acute or chronic dialysis.

The inpatient service performs about 3000 dialysis treatments, 1500 CRRT treatments, and 40 to 50 renal biopsies annually. The inpatient transplant service at Shands Hospital has a daily census of 20 to 25 patients. The team performs pre-transplant and living related donor evaluations and follows all transplant patients post-operatively on a separate transplant ward. Currently, approximately 150 kidney transplants are performed each year and more than 1,400 kidney transplant recipients are managed as outpatients.

The consult service at the VAMC carries an average census of 10 to 15 patients, and provides inpatient consultations for all nephrologic and hypertensive disorders. This service also staffs an active acute and chronic hemodialysis facility.