Renal Stones

Renal Stones Information:

  • Urinary stones or nephrolithiasis is a common medical and surgical problem, accounting for over 2 million outpatient visits every year. Approximately 1 in 7 men and 1 in 13 women below the age of 70 have had at least one symptomatic kidney stone in their lifetime.  Over 80% of these stones are calcium-containing stones, but uric acid stones are becoming increasingly common, especially in women. Other stones, like cystine stones and drug-related stones, are rare and require special expertise to diagnose and manage.
  • Symptomatic kidney stones can be debilitating. Not surprisingly, the pain from passing a kidney stone has been likened to pain of giving birth! It can also lead to complications like urinary tract infection, blood in urine, deranged kidney function ranging from mild impairment to complete shut down of kidney function.
  • 50% of patients develop recurrent stones over a period of 10 years. Hence optimal management involves treatment of the current stone(s), whether medical or surgical, as well as taking steps to prevent the stones from recurring. Clearly, a comprehensive approach to the patient’s diagnosis and management involving Nephrologists and Urologists is required. Often times, it is difficult to achieve optimum coordination of care resulting in repetitive tests, lost information, and delays in appointments all of which affect the overall medical care.
  • At UF Health, we have a dedicated multidisciplinary clinic to optimize the care of individuals with stones. In addition to seeing Dr. Rupam Ruchi, who is a nephrologist with experience in medical management of kidney stones and its complications, patients can also see Dr. Vincent Bird on the same day for a urologic consultation. With a patient-centered approach and working together as a team, we strive to provide excellent and comprehensive care for those suffering from kidney stones.

Clinic Information: