Dr. David Weiner’s Lab

WeinerDr. Weiner directs a pre-clinical research program directed at understanding the fundamental mechanisms through which the kidneys maintain the correct acid-base balance in the body. Abnormalities in acid-base balance result in increased progression of kidney disease, increased development of end-stage kidney disease, and loss of muscle mass and strength, and it predicts increased mortality. Dr. Weiner’s research group focuses on the mechanisms through which acid-base balance is maintained. These studies involve a wide-variety of approaches, including animal models, gene deletion studies, in vitro model systems, and computational approaches. The results of these studies have led to over 100 peer-reviewed publications, 32 book chapters, and one textbook. His work has been supported over the past decade by funding from the NIH and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A current listing of his peer-reviewed publications are available at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/i.%20david.weiner.1/bibliography/public/