Patient Care

  • Our division is a part of the Department of Medicine at UF Health Shands Hospital. Dr. Robert Hromas is the Chairman of this department and is a great leader in putting the patient’s needs first. In this video, Dr. Hromas and Dr. Rivkees give their rationale for why they believe it is best to put the needs of patients above their own needs here at UF.
  • The UF Division of Nephrology provides outstanding medical care for subjects with new onset and/or complicated hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, acute and chronic renal failure, and renal transplantation. Patients entering the clinics are not just offered routine medical care, but are seen in multi-specialty clinics dedicated to delivering the latest therapy in a collaborative environment.
  • Patients with lupus nephritis are seen in a joint UF Rheumatology-Nephrology clinic and patients with kidney disease secondary to heart disease are seen in a joint UF Cardiology-Nephrology clinic. We also have close collaborations with Hematology, Hepatology, and Infectious Disease, and Transplant Surgery.
  • Patients are also invited to participate in clinical studies searching for the cause and or cure of their disease and the ultimate plan is to develop NIH Centers of Excellence in Hypertension and Kidney Disease. While our goal is to slow down the progression of all kidney disease and effectively manage the complications that are associated with kidney disease, we also utilize the latest treatment modalities to manage our dialysis patients. Dialysis patients managed by the Division exceed national and local standards for the quality of their dialysis and boasts some of the lowest mortality rates in the country. The transplantation program is a state-of-the-art program utilizing the most efficacious and safest immunosuppressive regimens.