Visiting Professorships

J. Robert Cade Visiting Professorship

  • This professorship was established in 2007 in honor of Dr. J. Robert Cade. Dr. Cade joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 1961 as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and was Chief of the Renal Division between 1971 and 1978. An outstanding scientist with over 120 publications primarily focused on exercise physiology and fluid and electrolyte management in the setting of severe exercise and heat, Dr. Cade is best known for inventing the first sports drink, Gatorade.
  • This drink was developed as a physiologic replacement solution for athletes who were known to lose as much as 5kg of water and salt during a single football game.  Bob Cade’s invention has given the University of Florida great publicity and millions of dollars in royalties which have immensely helped UF research programs, particularly in the Department of Medicine and Division of Nephrology. Dr. Cade remained an active member of the Renal Division and continued his research into his late 70’s.  A generous man, he was known for his wit, creativity, “out of the box” ideas, and kindness.

Past Visiting Professors – J. Robert Cade Visiting Professorship

Year Name
2007 Thomas Andreoli
2008 Richard Glassock
2009 Gerald B. Appel
2010 Karl Tryggvason
2011 Joel Kopple
2012 Bruce Molitoris
2013 Richard Johnson
2014 Martin Pollak
2015 Gregory Germino
2016 Joseph V. Bonventre

C. Craig Tisher Visiting Professorship

  • The Tisher lectureship, endowed by Drs. R. Glenn Davis, Louis Gregory, and Charles Hayes, honors Dr. Tisher,  who was Chief of the Renal Division (1980-1998) and Dean of the College of Medicine (2002-2007).  He has made many contributions in basic research, education (past editor of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and editor of several important textbooks in nephrology)andleadership (including President of the American Society of Nephrology, Treasurer of the International Society of Nephrology and recipient of the John P. Peters Award of the ASN).  The Professorship was initiated in 2004, and has had an illustrious list of speakers.

Past Visiting Professors – C. Craig Tisher Visiting Professorship

Year Name
2007 Giuseppe Remuzzi
2008 Bruce Kone
2009 William Mitch
2010 Paul E. Klotman
2011 Jeff M. Sands
2012 Susan Quaggin
2013 Anupam Agarwal
2014 Thomas DuBose Jr.
2015 Ronald Falk
2016 Donald Kohan